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  4. "We gotta start teaching our daughters to be somebodies instead of somebody’s."
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    "And that was it. We were friends. Just as everyone had assumed all along that we would be."

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    First Time Drunk Yato  II Noragami Special Comic: “Clash, O Ye Gods of Calamity” [x]
    ↳ So this is what you’re like when you have liquor in you…

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  7. "Let me feel the inner walls of your mind
    Let me feel your existence
    There is so much more to you than what lays between your legs
    I want to learn your heart before I learn your body
    Please let me."
    — m.n. (via unscriptedconfabulationmn)

  8. "time and time again, you will get sucker punched right in the gut. lose your breath. blood to your cheeks. tingles—the bad kind—alighting your skin. you will be reminded that time and time again, someone will be chosen over you. that you are replaceable. you are pleasant. you are kind. you are sweet. you are fun. but you are not their everything. and time and time again, you will be reminded of this with a dropped phone call, ignored text, forgotten lunch date, airy excuse, their disappearance for days on end. you will be replaced and you will be reminded, not through their words, but through their actions. they don’t mean to label you with dispensable like a sort of razor or expendable like cheap hairbands. but they do. and then expect you to be there still when things fall apart on their end.

    there are some people you think you need, people who you consider essential, crucial, important. there are some people who you consider permanent who consider you fleeting, yet convenient.

    you do not need them."
    — 7.20.14 (via shizuos)

  9. "

    They say in a collision
    that there are three
    areas of impact:

    First, the vehicle
    with the object,
    followed by your
    body with the
    vehicle, and,
    your internal organs
    with your body.

    And every time
    I heard this,
    I always thought
    that I was too
    smart for that,
    that I knew better
    than that,
    that I would always
    be careful,
    that I would always
    look out for

    But now,
    it makes sense,
    how a heart
    can smash
    so quickly,

    when we went
    from 100
    to 0 just



    Just Like That by k.p.k

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